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Administration Staff


Tracy Shank, Ed. D. Ex. 1191 Superintendent                      
Michael Stauffer Ex. 6003 High School Principal            
David Schmaldienst Ex. 6004 Assistant High School Principal
Daniel Marks Ex. 4308 Middle School Principal         
Matthew Broskey, Ed. D. Ex. 2092 Elementary Principal             
Manny Savignano Ex. 2098 K-8 Assistant Principal          
Dawn Cambria Ex. 1197 Director of Student Services 
James Rothenberger Ex. 4189 Director of Technology          
Timothy Rhoads Ex. 6007 Director of Athletics               


Barry Christman Ex. 6063 Supervisor of Transportation                                   
Janet Keehn Ex. 1136 Asst. to the Business Manager for Payroll and Benefits