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Administration Staff


Tracy Shank, Ed. D. Ex. 1191 Superintendent                                tshank@ovsdpa.org
Michael Stauffer Ex. 6003 High School Principal                      mstauffer@ovsdpa.org
David Schmaldienst Ex. 6004 Assistant High School Principal      dschmaldienst@ovsdpa.org
Daniel Marks Ex. 4308 Middle School Principal                   dmarks@ovsdpa.org
Matthew Broskey, Ed. D. Ex. 2092 Elementary Principal                       mbroskey@ovsdpa.org
Manny Savignano Ex. 2098 K-8 Assistant Principal                    msavignano@ovsdpa.org
Dawn Cambria Ex. 1197 Director of Student Services           dcambria@ovsdpa.org
James Rothenberger Ex. 4189 Director of Technology                    jrothenberger@ovsdpa.org
Timothy Rhoads Ex. 6007 Director of Athletics                         trhoads@ovsdpa.org


Barry Christman Ex. 6063 Supervisor of Transportation                                             bchristman@ovsdpa.org
Janet Keehn Ex. 1136 Asst. to the Business Manager for Payroll and Benefits   jkeehn@ovsdpa.org