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Committee Meetings – April 9, 2018

Property and Transportation Committee Meeting – 6:30 p.m.

Property and Transportation Committee Final Agenda – April 9_2018

2.  HS and ES Secure Entrance Studay

AEM Study OVSD HS & ES Secure Entrance Renovations


3. Parking Lot Repairs

A-S Asphalt Parking Lot quote – ES-MS

A-S Asphalt Parking Lot quote – HS


4. High School Sprinkler Repair

BSGI Sprinkler Repair


5.  Security speakers and strobes proposals

AVT Speaker and Strobe Proposals


6. Radio proposal

RMI Radio Proposal


7. Camera upgrade proposal

Integra One Meraki Cameras Quotation

Cisco Capital Oley Valley School District Meraki Lease


8. HS Gymnasium audio proposal

AVT HS Gymnasium Audio Proposal



Finance Committee Meeting – 7:00 p.m.

Finance Committee Final Agenda 04.09.2018


2.  Food Service Preliminary Budget 2018-2019

Preliminary Food Services Budget 18-19