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Regular Board Meeting – April 18, 2018

Final Agenda

Regular Meeting Final Agenda – April 18_2018


6.  Approval of Minutes

DRAFT Combined Committee Meeting Minutes – March 14_2018

DRAFT Regular Board Meeting Minutes – March 28_2018


7.  Commonwealth Funds

Commonwealth Funds March 2018


8.  Treasurer’s Reports

General Fund Treasurers Report – 3-31-18

Lunch Fund Treasurers Report – March 31_2018

Activity Fund Treasurers Report – March 31_2018

Capital Projects Fund Treasurers Report – 3-31-18


9.  Approval of Bills

Expenditures Summary


12.  Administrative Reports

a.  In-County Workshops


b. Enrollment Report


c.  Student Teachers/Interns


d. Tuition Approval Report


Budget and Finance Committee

A.  Action

1. Budget Transfers

Budget Transfers March 2018


Personnel Committee

A.  Action

1.  Resolution – District Solicitor

BMF Representation Letter 18-19


Curriculum Committee


1.  Psychological Services Agreement

E. Torres – Professional Services Agreement 18-19


2.  Medical Authorization Provider Agreement

Woodin – Independent Contractor Agreement 18-19


3.  Bilingual Translation Services

Billings Bilingual Contract 2018-2019


4.  Dual Enrollment Agreement – RACC

OVHS-RACC Dual Enrollment Courses 2018-2019

RACC Dual Enrollment Agreement 2018-2019



Property and Transportation Committee


1.  Berks County Joint Purchasing Board Fuel Bid Award

BCJPB Fuel Bid Minutes 4.12.2018

BCJPB Fuel Bid Tally Final 2018-2019

BCJPB Fuel Prices 2008 -2019


2.  Berks County Joint Purchasing Board Medical and Nursing Supplies Bid Award

BCJPB Medical Tally Bid Sheets and Minutes


3.  Direct Energy Demand Response Program

Direct Energy Demand Response Program


4.  BCIU Agreement – Student Information Services

BCIU Service Level Agreement SMS Services



Secretary’s Report


3.  Berks County Planning Commission Reports

2017 Berks County Planning Commission Annual Report

BCPC Monthly Report 2.23 to 3.21.2018