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Regular Board Meeting – November 15, 2017


Regular Board Meeting Agenda – November 15_2017


6.  Approval of Minutes

DRAFT Combined Committee Meeting Minutes – October 11_2017

DRAFT Regular Board Meeting Minutes – October 18_2017


7.  Commonwealth Funds

Commonwealth Funds October 2017


8.  Treasurer’s Reports

General Fund Treasurers Report

Lunch Fund Treasurers Report

Activity Fund Treasurers Report

Capital Projects Fund Treasurers Report


9.  Approval of Bills

Expenditure Summary 11.15.2017


12.  Administrative Reports

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board enrollment 2017 2018

20172018 Student teacher_prosem_intern

Tuition Reimbursement Report



Policy Committee – D. Zackon, Chairperson


1.  Policies for Deletion – Second Reading

Sections – Administrative, Professional, and Classified Employees

DELETE.336 Administrative Employee Personal Necessity Leave

DELETE.436 Professional Employee Personal Necessity Leave

DELETE.536 Classified Employee Personal Necessity Leave


2.  New Policies – Second Reading

Section – Programs


150.Title I Comparability of Services

Section – Pupils

209.2.Diabetes Management

242. Educational Stability for Students in Foster Care

Section – Personnel

336. Personal Necessity Leave

3.  Policies for Revision – Second Reading

Section – Local Board Procedures

012. Conflicts of Interest

Section – Programs

103. NonDiscrimination in School and Classroom Practices

103.1. Diversity

103.2. NonDiscrimination in Title I

103.3 NonDiscrimination in Students With Disabilities

104. NonDiscrimination in Employment and Contract Practices

Section – Pupils

 203.Immunizations and Communicable Diseases

204. Attendance

216.Education Records

 246. Student Wellness

247. Hazing

248. Unlawful Harassment

 252. Bullying and Cyber Bullying

 253. Homeless Students

Section – Finances

609. Investment of District Funds

 626.Federal Fiscal Compliance

626.1. Travel Reimbursement – Federal Programs

Section – Operations

808. Food Services

827. Suicide Awareness, Prevention and Response

828. Transportation – Video-Audio Recording


Curriculum Committee – J. Ewing, Chairperson


1.  Independent Education Evaluation – Dr. Lovrinic

 Dr Lovrinic IEE letter

2. Independent Education Evaluation – Dr. Robins

Dr. Robins IEE letter


4.  Exploring – Discover Your Future flyer

Exploring – Discover Your Furture Flyer


Property & Transportation Committee – D. Markley, Ed.D., Chairperson


2.  Agreement with George Miller IV Auction Company

George Miller IV Auction Company Agreement


3.  Bottling Group, LLC (Pepsi Beverages) Agreement

Pepsi-Oley Valley School District Agreement 11.14.17



1. Transportation Reports

Quigley Bus Service Transportation Update October 2017

OVSD Transportation Department Memo 11-1-2017