Special Education Records Destruction Notice

February 22, 2017

            Oley Valley School District has maintained a variety of documents concerning students who are identified as having or who are thought to have a disability within the meaning of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.  To conserve space and avoid unnecessary storage costs, and to protect privacy, these documents are subject to destruction when the District deems them no longer educationally relevant.

            The following types of documents regarding Chapter 14, 15 & 16 will be considered no longer educationally relevant at the expiration of seven years after the date the student turns twenty-one years of age: (a) permissions to evaluate or reevaluate; (b) evaluation and reevaluation reports; (c) invitations to meetings; (d) revisions; and (e) notices of recommended educational placement or prior written notices, as well as notices of recommended assignments.

            Currently, OVSD has maintained records of students who have been identified as a student with or without a disability.  In order to conserve space and avoid unnecessary storage costs, and to protect privacy, the district has determined that all records pertaining to students who have a birthdate 1987 and prior will be destroyed.  The district plans on the destruction of these records to begin March 20, 2017.

            If you have any questions concerning the foregoing information, please contact Mrs. Dawn Cambria, Director of Special Education at 610-987-4100 ext. 1197.  A copy of the District student records policy, which contains important information about the maintenance, use, disclosure, amendment and confidentiality of education records is available on our District Website at www.ovsdpa.org