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OVES Scholastic Book Fair

30 days ago

The Scholastic Book Fair at OVES is now open online. Please click on the link below to access the online book fair!  

Resources for Talking to Children About School Violence

4 months ago

Resources for Talking to Children About School Violence

  • Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers – This article provides information for parents and teachers to support discussions surrounding school violence.  Several key points for discussion and emphasis are listed.  Please note the emphasis on limiting television viewing of the events.  Information shared in the media indicates graphic footage of the recent shooting in Florida is available on social media outlets.  Thus, monitoring of social media is also an important factor to consider as viewing such images may put students at risk for trauma or psychological distress.  In addition, an infographic summarizing this article is also attached that supports the key points in the article.  A Spanish translation is also attached.  Additional translated documents are available on the NASP website if you scroll the bottom left of the page. 


  • Managing Strong Emotional Reactions to Traumatic Events:  Tips for Families and Teachers:  This article provides an overview of common reactions to trauma, anger responses and coping strategies, and warning signs for serious emotional trauma.  Children who have suffered trauma previously may have stronger reactions to such events and show more significant signs of distress.



Community Education Foundation Seeks Award Nominations

4 months ago

Oley Valley Community Education Foundation Seeks Award Nominations

The Oley Valley Community Education Foundation (OVCEF) is seeking nominations for the annual Oley Valley Distinguished Alumni Award and for the Distinguished Service to the Oley Valley School District Award.

In past years these awards have recognized alumni of Oley Valley High School for their efforts and achievements and other individuals who have provided outstanding service to the Oley Valley School District.

One or more awards are presented each October to alumni for outstanding achievement in their professions, humanitarian efforts, volunteerism, or service in their communities, or a single exceptional achievement.   One or more awards may also be presented to individuals who have provided unselfish service to the Oley Valley School District.

Award nomination forms are available for download below and at the Oley Valley High School Office, 17 Jefferson Street, Oley, and the OVCEF website 

Nomination forms will be reviewed by a committee of Foundation members, school district representatives, and community members.  Award recipients will be recognized at the annual Alumni Awards Program, which will be held during fall 2018 Homecoming activities of the Oley Valley School District.

Distinguished Service Nomination Form

Alumni Nomination Form