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Message from the Director of Student Services

Welcome to the Oley Valley Student Services website. The Student Services Department assists District staff, students and families in the areas of special education, gifted education, and home school education. Currently, the District serves approximately 305 special education students, 126 gifted students, as well as English Language Learners. Programs to support all areas of needs are included at each building level. Staffing includes 19 special education teachers and 33 special education instructional aides, 3 gifted teachers, 3 speech and language pathologists, 1 English as a Second Language teacher, and 2 school psychologists.  The Oley Valley School District contracts occupational and physical therapy services with private providers. In addition, we work closely with the Berks County Intermediate Unit and request services as needed in the areas of vision and hearing support.

The Oley Valley School District is committed to providing parents of identified students with comprehensive educational evaluations and recommendations. Special education teachers are trained in administering Curriculum Based Assessments and Measurements to assist IEP teams in creating measurable academic goals for each student. Ongoing curriculum assessments provide teachers with valuable information for instruction and progress reporting to parents. Collaboratively, special and regular education teachers fulfill IEP goals and implement strategies. A continuum of services is offered ranging from mainstream support to direct instruction within a resource room.

Our English as a Second Language (ESL) program supports students in mainstream classes as well as within small instructional groups. Students are assessed yearly and teachers monitor progress regularly. Our ESL teacher provides support at each building on a daily basis.

Students qualifying for gifted services also receive a comprehensive evaluation and yearly educational plans or goals. Students are offered a variety of experiences throughout the district. Gifted teachers are committed to enriching the District curriculum and providing students with challenging opportunities.

Please visit links provided in the Student Services web page to further assist you. For additional information, please contact the Student Services Office at (610) 987-4100, ext. 1197.

Dawn Cambria
Director of Student Services

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