Oley Valley School District Mission & Vision Statements

4 days ago

Mission Statement

Enter to Learn…Leave to Serve.

Vision Statement

The Oley Valley School District commits to providing a learning environment that integrates its heritage and community while developing lifelong learners who are prepared for an ever-changing world.  The district commits to the characteristics of 21st Century High Performing Educational Systems which include a clear and shared focus; high standards and expectations; effective district leadership at all levels; high levels of collaboration and communication; 21st Century Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Aligned with 21st Century Standards; frequent monitoring and evaluation of teaching and learning; focused professional development; safe, supportive, and nurturing learning environment; and high levels of community and parent involvement.  The Oley Valley School District also commits to embracing diversity and individuality within the context of mutual respect and understanding to empower our students to become responsible, contributing citizens in a global society

Covid Daily Update

3 days ago

Total Count by Building- 11/23/2021

  • Elementary School : 9
  • Middle School : 6
  • High School : 10

The 14-day rolling positive count below reflects positive cases which have been confirmed by DOH and assigned to a school's 14-day rolling count. These cases specifically represent people that tested positive and were in school buildings during their contagious period. The Pennsylvania Departments of Health (DOH) and Education (PDE) are providing recommendations to Pre-K to 12 schools for use in consultation with public health staff when making decisions related to school procedures following a case of COVID-19 in a school.

2021 Community Functions

Sponsored by the Oley Valley Fire Company and the Oley Fair Association:

April 22-24, 2021 - Antique Motorcycle Club June 20, 2021 – Pretzel City Car Show

June 25-27, 2021 - Triumph Motorcycle Show

July 17, 2021 – Skyline Drive Corvette Show

August 14, 2021 Peach Festival

September 16-18, 2021 - Oley Fair

October 9-10, 2021 – Apple Festival

October 16, 2021 – Halloween Parade

Health Services/Nursing Reminder

4 days ago

Health Services/Nursing Reminder

Physical exams, dental exams, and updated immunizations will be due by the first day of the 2020-21 school year.

  • Physical exam forms are needed for Kindergarten, Grade 6, and Grade 11 students. We will take whatever form your provider completes, or families may use the State Heath form. 
  • Proof of Dental exam are needed for Kindergarten, Grade 3, and Grade 7.
  • All students need up-to-date immunizations OR a plan to have them completed, (i.e. a confirmed appointment) by the FIRST day of school.
  • This especially affects Kindergarten, Grade 7, and Grade 12students who are due for specific immunizations when entering these grades. Failure to complete the State required immunizations will exclude students from attending school. 


The Immunization Law in Pennsylvania requires that all students have required immunizations by the first day of school. To view these requirements, visit the following link: Pennsylvania Department of Health website


Any student who needs a medication or nursing procedure for 2020-21 must have new orders from their health care provider for 2020-21 school year.

For Physical Exam document please visit the following link : Physical Examination Documents

For Dental Exam document please visit the following link : Dental Examination Documents

United States Citizenship and Immigration

In accordance with the Public School Code of 1949; Section 1605.1, the Oley Valley School District supports the Department of Homeland Security, Department of United States Citizenship and Immigration. Below are several links to assist immigrants in the process of applying to become U.S. Citizens, preparing for the Naturalization Test, and the Citizenship Resource Center.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Website: https://www.uscis.gov/

United States Citizenship Naturalization Test Information: https://www.uscis.gov/us-citizenship/naturalization-test

Citizenship Resource Center Website: https://www.uscis.gov/citizenship

In addition, the Oley Valley School District supports the role of educators in assisting immigrants prepare for U.S. Citizenship. Below is a link for Educators regarding the naturalization process, the test, and other classroom-based materials. https://www.uscis.gov/citizenship/educators

Revised: Important Change in Definition of “Compulsory School Age”

Effective in 2020-2021, all children from the age of six (6) through the age of eighteen (18) must comply with compulsory school attendance requirements. To meet these requirements, parents must ensure that their child between the ages of 6 and 18 is attending or participating in one of the following: a public elementary, middle, or high school; a public charter or cyber-charter school; a private licensed academic or private religious school; home tutoring by a certified teacher; or an approved program of home schooling. Children may be excused from compulsory attendance for documented medical or other compelling reasons as outlined in District attendance policy and procedures.

School Board Offices and Elections

In Pennsylvania, School Directors are elected for a four-year term. There are four School Director offices to be filled in the Oley Valley School District in the 2021 election. Residents of the District who are interested in running for Office should contact the Berks County Office of Elections at 610-478-6490 or elections@countyofberks.com. Additional information about Elections and running for Office is available at https://www.co.berks.pa.us/Dept/Elections/Pages/default.aspx