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Menus, Charging Procedure, and Methods of Payment

Elementary School Menu 2019-2020

Middle School Menu 2019-2020

High School Menu 2019-2020

Menus, Charging Procedure, and Methods of Payment :

We follow a traditional lunch menu with Offer Versus Serve.  Students are offered the following meal components daily:

1 serving of meat or meat alternate

1 serving of fruit

1 serving of vegetables

1 serving of grain

1 serving of milk – 8 ounces

In order to qualify as a meal, a student must take 1 serving of a fruit or vegetable, and 2 of the other components.  A la carte prices will be charged for separate or additional items.



No student will be refused a meal, regardless of their account balance. No a la carte items may be purchased or charged when a student has a negative balance. Parents/Guardians will be notified when the student has charged 5 meals. If a student asks a Food Service Employee questions regarding their account balance, or requests a payment envelope, the employee may comply with the request. At the Elementary School, payment envelopes are available in the Main Office.  Students should not be given a receipt, notice, memo, or letter of any sort at the register for any reason.


PARENTS/GUARDIANS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENSURING FUNDS ARE AVAILABLE IN THEIR STUDENTS’ CAFETERIA ACCOUNTS.  Parents/Guardians are encouraged to sign up for free at to view their child’s cafeteria account balance and purchase history, and for email alerts on low balances. Payment can be made by cash or check turned in at the Main Office or given to the cashier. Please make checks payable to the Oley Valley School District Lunch Fund, and include your child's name and Student ID number in the memo portion of the check, or on the outside of the envelope with cash.  Payment can be made online at  PLEASE ALLOW 3 DAYS FOR THE ONLINE TRANSACTION TO POST.  There is a fee for online payments

MEAL PRICING 2019-2020

 Elementary School :

Breakfast  $1.55

Reduced Breakfast $0.30

Adult Breakfast  $2.00

Lunch  $2.85

Reduced Lunch $0.40

Adult Lunch  $4.45


Middle School :

Lunch  $3.10

Boxed Salad Lunch   $3.45

Reduced Lunch  $0.40

Adult Lunch  $4.45


High School :

Lunch  $3.10

Boxed Salad Lunch  $3.60

Salad Bar Lunch  $3.75

Reduced Lunch  $0.40

Adult Lunch  $4.45


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