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MISSION STATEMENT                                                                                                                             


The Oley Valley School District Transportation Department partners with parents, the community and our contractor in order to achieve our goal of providing safe, expedient, and efficient transportation for all eligible students, according to federal and state mandates and school district policy, to and from school as well as educational field trips, athletic trips, and all other approved activities.

For those students who ride the bus, the driver and the bus are the first contact with the school district and can set the tone for the school day. This first contact should be a positive experience for both the student and the driver.


Barry Christman     610-987-4100       Ex.6063         Transportation Supervisor                                                                                                                                                                                                

 Wendy Mundy         610-987-4100       Ex6062          Transportation Secretary


Brian Quigley          610-845-8191                                Quigley Bus Services


Moving within the district:  

It is important that you notify your child’s school with the appropriate information concerning your pending move. NO CHANGES to transportation can take place until proper verification of residency has been established.  To prove residency we require any 2 or a combination of the following items:

  • PA Driver’s License + a piece of mail at the new address
  • 2 pieces of mail preferably utility bills
  • a lease agreement + 1 piece of mail
  • a lease agreement + a PA Driver’s license

In order to receive transportation to the new address, a babysitter’s house or a new stop please fill out the form below and return it to the respective school.  Please allow 48 hours for the change to take place.

Request for Transportation Change



The school bus driver is expected to be in complete control of the bus and its passengers at all times.  When serious misconduct occurs or when misconduct is repeated, the school bus driver is expected to report such action to the school principal.  Forms are provided on each bus for this purpose.  The school principal will take whatever actions he deems necessary to correct the situation.  This action will be consistent with the guidelines set forth in policy.  Parents will be advised by the building principal when reports of misconduct are made to the school office.  The building administrators are the only ones with the authority to suspend transportation privileges.

Bus Code of Conduct



All non-public students must complete an Act 372: Request for Transportation form either on their own or through their school in order to be transported by the Oley Valley School District.

Act 372 Form

The Oley Valley School District will not be transporting students to and from non-public schools on Saturdays, Sundays and days we are closed because of snow. During inclement weather when Oley Valley School District operates on a delayed start, early dismissal or closes, non-public buses will follow the Oley Valley schedule. Please listen to the radio or watch channel 69 for broadcasts of school closings and early dismissals.

If your child will not be riding the non-public bus in the AM, please call the transportation office as soon as possible so that we do not send the bus/van to your home for your child.  Please leave a message and we will retrieve it as soon as we possibly can.

If your child is not on the bus/van in the AM we will not go to their school for them in the PM unless you call the transportation office in a timely manner so we can notify the driver that you need your child picked up at their school.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Oley Valley School District Transportation Office.

Frequently Asked Questions